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"American Made" What does it mean to you? We're redefining it! It doesn't just describe a product made in the USA. To us, it's a lifestyle, a value system, choices you make every day to participate in the greatest experiment the world has ever seen. It's the product you risked it all for, it's the soil you work, it's the line that you hold, it's the family you raise and it's the impact you have on others. All while holding America's core beliefs, values and...just being a good person damn it! YOU! are FOUNDED AND FORGED. We're here to remind you, it's not that hard. YOU CHOOSE every day.

Founded & Forged Purpose

The reason we created Founded & Forged is to provide content that introduces you to people living the "American Made Lifestyle." They may be a small business owner or someone crushing life. Not just the highs in life, but learning from the lows too. Content that might help you take the next step towards a goal. Life's made up of choices. We don't always get them 100% right, and that's o.k.  Founded & Forged wants to give you as many positive examples, in depth informative entertaining conversations as we can, introduce you to some great products and even better people along the way. 

You Choose.....

Make Good Choices

American Bison, buffalo, profile standing in tall grass prairie with light fog in backgrou


    :to take the first steps in           building

    :to set or ground on                     something solid

    :to establish (something)           often with provision for             future maintenance


    :formed by pressing or               hammering with or                       without heat. especially             made into desired shape           by heating and hammering


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Know someone who lives the "American Made" lifestyle? Know of an American Made product or service that you think others need to know about? Or, are you mad at us for something we said or did? Let us know. Can't guarantee we'll get to everything(except order issues) but we'll try.



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Meet The Team

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Jess, Jim, Addie, Evan and Ranger

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